Charlotte G. Denenberg, Ph.D. * V.P. & Chief Technology Officer * Metromedia Fiber Network Inc. (

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the planning, implementation and evolution of MFN's fiber optic network, including network expansion and quality. Direct and evaluate deployment of network and product vendors, technologies and service offerings.

Career with Metromedia

Since December 1998, as vice president and CTO.

Major Accomplishments

Negotiated global agreements for fiber, equipment and DWDM products; created a comprehensive quality assurance operation, including processes for the acceptance and delivery of fiber and fiber standards/documentation; moved from batch monitoring to continuous monitoring.

Past Employment

Southern New England Telephone (SNET)--vice president of network technology and CTO; ITT Corp.--director of technology evaluation and support; Bell Labs--member of the technical staff.

If you weren't in this job, what would you be doing now?

I would be at another telecom startup as their CTO.

Some consider telecom to be an "old boy's network." Do you agree?

I tend to not agree with that assessment. Having the right relationships, treating colleagues fairly, and being focused on the end result of delivering exceptional customer service is what's important. If it is an "old boy's network," then I guess I've been part of it since the beginning of my career, 27 years ago.

What are the worst things about your job and/or the industry?

Lately, there is a real shortage of technically skilled people.

What is your favorite website? (strong search engine, no ads).


Married to Jeffrey Denenberg, with two children, Stacey and Scott.

What is the key to balancing work and family demands?

Having a supportive family, a unified calendar and a good sense of humor.