Power Security

A Team Seminar Presentation


In the Team seminar project you will first decide on a topic from our text.  Choose one of the 13 topics that are not covered in our schedule that is of interest to you. 

You and your teammate(s) will:

Deliverables (Team uploads to Blackboard):

  1. Project Team: Identify your team (2-3 members) and identify your topic.
    Email me the team membership and your topic choice by the third week of our course so that I can establish the teams in Blackboard.  Upload this information along with a statement of the scope of your expected topic coverage soon after the teams are defined.
  2. Simulation Files: if you do any simulations upload them so that your simulation can be run from the uploaded files.
  3. PowerPoint-based presentation: covering your system and results.  All team members should take part in the presentation.

Your 30 minute presentation will take place in-class during the last three weeks of our course.  Be ready to present your findings early in the allotted period and answer questions after your presentation.


Make certain that all material used from references is cited, any plagiarism or reuse of the materials from other teams will result in significant project grade penalties.