Powerpoint Slides for Whitten, Bentley, and Dittman, "Systems Analysis and Design Methods"

These PowerPoint slides (from Edition 4, go by the titles to relate them to the reorganized Edition 5) are organized by chapter and have much more material than we use in this course. You can download each by right-clicking in Internet Explorer.

Part One - The Context of System Analysis and Design
chapter 1 The Modern System Analyst
chapter 2 Information System Building Blocks
chapter 3 Information System Development
Part Two - System Analysis Methods
chapter 4 Systems Analysis
chapter 5 Data Modeling
chapter 6 Process Modeling
chapter 7 Network Modeling
chapter 8 Object Modeling
Part Three - System Design and Construction Methods
chapter 9 System Design and Construction
chapter 10 Application Architecture and Process Design
chapter 11 Database Design
chapter 12 Input Design and Prototyping
chapter 13 Output Design and Prototyping
chapter 14 User Interface Design and Prototyping
chapter 15 Software Design
chapter 16 Object-Oriented Design
Part Four - Beyond Systems Analysis and Design
chapter 17 Systems Implementation
chapter 18 Systems Support
Part Five - Cross Life Cycle Activities and Skills
module A Project and Process Management Techniques
module B Fact Finding and Information Gathering
module C Feasibility and Cost-Benefit Analysis
module D Joint Application Development
module E Interpersonal Skills and Communications

Download the PowerPoint Viewer for Windows (1.4 MBytes)