SNET Study Program: Course Materials


The SNET Study Program is designed to prepare students to take the Comprehensive Mastery Test. It consists of three courses; each having 3 modules. Modules consist of 5 or 10 on-line sessions with most modules including one or two laboratory experiences

The three courses are:

  1. Circuits and Applied Technical Mathematics
      Basic Electricity
        Electron Flow and Resistance
        Inductance and Capacitance
      Basic Electronics
        Alternating Current
        Impedance and Filters
      Applied Technical Mathematics
  2. Electronics and Telecommunications
  3. Digital
The sequence is expected to require about 18 months to complete at a rate of two, one-hour sessions per week. Labs will be held on a Saturday towards the end of each module or section.


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Digital Logic Tutorial      Thanks to Ken Bigelow, the original is at

Electronics Tutorial         Thanks to Alex Pounds (the original is no longer available)

Electronics Tutorial         Thanks to Mark Sokos (the original is no longer available)

Semiconductor Tutorial    Thanks to Ken Bigelow, the original is at

Resistor Puzzles                Thanks to
     You can also download some great tutorials from Twysted-Pair,
      the first two are free, more advanced ones are $10 each.

Vectors Tutorial                Thanks to California Polytech, The original is at

DAU Math Refresher        Thanks to George Mason University

Telephone History            Thanks to Tom Farley, the original is at


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