CSC460 Class Schedule - Fall 2001

Tues. Sept. 11

NO Class!

Terrorist Disaster Day: Slipped the first few topics and assignments by a week
We will extend class by 30 minutes each session to catch up.

Tues. Sept. 18

A.E.: Ch. 1, Ch. 2 and Supplementary Notes: Information, Bandwidth and Noise

Introduction, network design issues; bandwidth; Nyquist & Shannon theorems; baud rate; signal-to-noise ratio, decibels and bit errors; Short Class due to Religious Holiday!

Tues. Sept. 25

Supplementary Notes: Probability

Homework 1 due; Review of probability: discrete probability (conditional probability, permutations and combinations)

Tues. Oct. 2

Supplementary Notes: Probability, Queuing Theory, Queuing Example: A Print Server;
A.E.: Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5

Homework 2 due; Review of probability (continued): (continuous probability: Poisson distributed events and the Exponential distribution – read only); bit/frame error rate; Elementary Queuing Theory; statistical multiplexing.  Computer architecture; standards; layered reference model; communication channels and media;

Tues. Oct. 9

A.E.: Ch. 6, Ch. 7 

Homework 3 due; Multiplexers and switching; Modems, DSL Cable and ISDN; Review for Exam 1.

Tues. Oct. 16

EXAM 1 (Covers topics from Sept. 11 through Oct. 2); A.E.: Ch. 8


Tues. Oct. 23

A.E.: Ch. 9 , Ch. 10

Exam 1 reprise; Token ring; Ethernet/Token Ring comparison; Fast Ethernet.

Tues. Oct. 30

A.E.: Ch. 11 (read only), Ch. 12, Ch. 13

Homework 4 due; VG-AnyLAN; LAN Switching; Gigabit Ethernet.

Tues. Nov. 6

A.E.: Ch. 14, Ch. 15, Ch. 19

Homework 5 due; LAN Interconnect Devices; Wireless LAN; The Internet and TCP/IP.


Tues. Nov. 13

A.E.: Ch. 16, Ch. 17

Homework 6 due; FDDI; SONET;  Review for Exam 2.

Tues. Nov. 20

EXAM 2 (Covers topics from Oct. 9 through Nov. 6); A.E.: Ch. 18



Frame Relay;

Tues. Nov. 27

A.E.: Ch. 20; Ch. 21

Exam 2 Reprise; ATM;  NOS.

Tues. Dec 4

Discussion Notes: DoctorD's Home NetworkNAT Routers, Dynamic IP, and FTP

Homework 7 due; Setting up a home network - Dynamic IP; NAT Router; Web Server; FTP Server. Course Review

Tues. Dec 11


Course Review: Come prepared to ask questions!

Tues. Dec 18

FINAL EXAM (Cumulative, Covers all topics from Sept 2 through Dec 20)

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