Microelectronics Lecture Notes: Pun Kong Pang (2007)
For: Jaeger and Blalock, Microelectronic Circuit Design

Week 1:       Introduction & Basic Semiconductor Physics

Week 2:       PN Junction Diode

Week 3:       Diode Application Circuits

Week 4:       Bipolar Junction Transistor
                    BJT Transport Model (Ebers-Moll Model)

Week 5:       BJT Biasing and Small Signal Model

Week 6:       Small Signal Analysis for Single Stage BJT amplifiers

Week 7:       Common-Collector Amplifier, MOS Field Effect Transistor

Week 8:       MOSFET I-V Characteristics, DC Analysis and Small Signal Model
                    MOS Examples

Week 9:       Multivibrators, MOSFET Amplifiers
                    Multivibrator Examples

Week 10:      MOS Logic Circuits

Week 11:      Differential Amplifiers

Week 12:      Output Stages, Frequency Response

Week 13:      Frequency Response, Feedback
                    Feedback Systems - Supplementary Materials - King Fahd University
Week 14:    Positive Feedback and Oscillators

                    Course Review