Microelectronic Circuits Index
Sedra & Smith, 6th Edition, 2010

Part I Devices and Basic Circuits

  1. Introduction to Electronics
  2. Signals and Amplifiers
  3. Semiconductors
  4. Diodes
  5. MOS Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs)
  6. Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

Part II Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits

  1. Building Blocks of Integrated Circuit Amplifiers
  2. Differential and Multistage Amplifiers
  3. Frequency Response
  4. Feedback
  5. Output Stages and Power Amplifiers
  6. Operational-Amplifier Circuits

Part III Digital Integrated Circuits

  1. CMOS Digital Logic Circuits
  2. Advanced MOS and Bipolar Logic Circuits
  3. Memory Circuits

Part IV Filters and Oscillators

  1. Filters and Tuned Amplifiers
  2. Signal Generators and Waveform Shaping Circuits

Appendixes (on Text DVD)

  1. VLSI Fabrication Technology
  2. Spice Models and Design/Simulation Examples Using PSpice
  3. Two-Port Network Parameters
  4. Some Useful Network Theorems
  5. Single-Time-Constant (First Order, RL and RC) Circuits
  6. s-Domain Analysis: Poles, Zeros, and Bode Plots (Laplace Transforms)
  7. Bibliography
  8. Standard Resistance Values and Unit Prefixes
  9. Answers to Selected Problems


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